Open Banking API

Bank API PSD2 – the Open Banking API

Open Banking API is a specific add-on of a public API. It allows to be compliant with PSD2 and Open Banking Standards faster.
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Take advantage of a ready-made solution

APILOGIC Open Banking API is a flexible addition to your existing infrastructure. The PSD2 Directive provides guidelines pertaining to making the account and payment data publicly accessible, which requires you to configure an open API fetching the data from the banking systems and allowing their processing by Third Party Providers (TPPs).

Since the implementation time is crucial in order to get a competitive spot in the race for the customers’ favour, the APILOGIC Open Banking API is offered as a complete product, the implementation of which will allow you to focus on modification and modernisation of your business model, instead of spending time and resources on building the required infrastructure.


Convenient API access management.

A user-friendly portal dedicated to API consumers

Create a convenient and intuitive environment for developers

Quick integration

Full integration with other elements of the platform.

Style matters

Change the look and make it visually cohesive with your brand

Stronger security

Support for open and proven security standards

How does Open Banking API work?

The APILOGIC solutions support the banks in the difficult task of entering the world of open banking. Our solution will also help you get compliant with the requirements of the PSD2 Directive.

Integrating your API

Develop your products faster

Thanks to convenient connection between the API and your internal IT systems.

Set access level

Decide, what data will be available through your API and who will be able to access them.

Connect services to data

Without any coding – create and make them available.

Ready to use software product

The time is crucial, when it comes to staying competitive. APILOGIC Open API is made to be easily combine with your systems.

So you can focus on possibilities and evolve your business early enough.

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Dyrektywa PSD2 wchodzi w życie już w 2018 roku. Dostosuj się szybko - sprawdź, jak pomoże Ci w tym Otwarte API Bankowe Apilogic

Identity and access management

API client management

A convenient console with access and control of API client data.

Adapters for every technology

Integration with the existing security structure

Multi-step authentication

Authentication based on ready-made or dedicated business rules

API security

Grant, remove and modify the permissions of API clients and users

Various authentication methods

Traditional, social, as well as synchronisation of multiple identities.


Connect in any way you find convenient, enabled by your technology.

Quick processing of security data

Process simplification

Create conditions where your customer will be authenticated quickly and without obstacles.

Ready-made rule sets

Make things faster by selecting appropriate rules for your products and services.

Data monitoring

Detect, analyse and eliminate anomalies in your data sets.

New, better bank

The APILOGIC Open Banking API developed by an experienced team of information architects and financial market experts is a cutting-edge platform that is fully compliant with the PSD2 Directive and – thanks to its expansion capabilities – is a great catalyst of opportunities for expanding the bank’s offer. It stimulates the evolution of products, as well as a more efficient adoption for new market conditions.

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