Challenges in maintaining and developing a digital cooperation platform with insurance company partners

Key challenges:


Ensuring the safety of communication with the external ecosystem.

Onboarding new partners

Time and work required for getting new partners integrated (including availability of internal IT department)

Channel management

Providing SLA. Handling exceptions, errors and questions. Communication.


SLA monitoring, errors handling.. Ensuring the availability of key services.

Partner Manager

Key features of the solution

The Gateway for Insurance World

Virtualization of current APIs and services. External partners integrate and communicate only through the gateway. Increased security.

Fast Time to Market

Flexible configuration and on-boarding of partners with minimal involvement  of the IT ddepartment. Access to test environments.

Partner channel management

Portal for partners. Access to the documentation for partners. Communication, handling partner questions. Partner SLA configuration.

Quick implementation

The deployment has little impact on the current architecture of Insurance Company. The functioning of the gateway is transparent for the partners of Insurance Companies

Monitoring KPIs

Predefined analytics views allow real-time monitoring.

A flexible business analytics console

Flexible, configurable analytics based on business data sent through the gateway. Real-time stream & events processing. Real-time views & dashboards of business data.


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API Gateway

The gate for partners through which they integrate with Insurance Companies systems

Virtualization of the current APIs and services, ensuring information security, monitoring and managing integration with the partners. The implementation does not involve any changes neither on Partners side nor for the Insurance Company IT systems.

Visual configuration of security policies, routing, monitoring and resource control policies

Wide spectrum of security scenarios WS-Security, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, 2-Way TLS, (JWT to SAML), eIDAS signatures

A solution based on the open source WSO2 API Management technology

Partner Portal

A layer of documentation and API tests for partners

Specification and API documentation for partners. Compliance with the Open API or SOAP / WSDL standard

The ability to test the API (test environment)

Monitoring and statistics of API for Partners

Self-service scenarios for partners. Fast on-boarding for partners.

Full customization of the appearance according to the company's branding

Visual API Modeler

A tool for visual design of the APIs

Visual modeling and documentation of API

Automatic generation of API specifications and documentation for partners based on the visual model.

Support for XML and JSON as well as SOAP, OpenAPI and ISO20022 standards for financial institutions

Support for versioning of API models and parallel work in many projects.

A tool for analysts and power-users, allowing quick design of new APIs or changes to existing versions


Predefined dashboards and reports for key KPIs

Predefined Dashboards

Ready, pre-defined analytic views that are suited to monitor the current situation in the integration channels.

Analysis per SLA packages

KPI analysis in terms of tariff plans and SLA packages.

Analysis per Partner

Analysis of activities, exceptions (breaking configured policies) of partner applications. Event monitoring per partner.

Trend analysis

Information on the trends of events used in the API. Utilization level, error trends. Levels of failure vs. success.

Security events console

Analysis of events related to security threats, that are monitored based on configured policies.

Audit console

An audit log showing events on the platform (eg. partner registration, access acceptance, etc.)

Business Activity Monitoring

A visual report and dashboard editor for the business data sent through the API Gateway

The ability to collect business transaction data passing through the gateway

BigData technology enabling the collection of a wide spectrum of data

A visual tool for building reports and business dashboards

Real-time monitoring with the history of time. SQL-Like stream processing tool for building event processing logic (extraction, enrichment, joining)

Tool for business users. Real-time ad-hoc analysis / construction of dashboards from any data flowing through the gateway


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